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Social Responsibility

Persist in sustainable development and help public welfare

Chengdu Silike Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of maintaining the ecological environment, promoting healthy and green development, and helping public welfare undertakings. It takes sustainable development and green ecology as the prerequisite for product development and production, and uses recyclable and green materials for new product development and production. Organize all members to participate in tree planting activities on the annual Arbor Day, and actively respond to  green economy concept, take active participation in public welfare as an important content and specific embodiment of fulfilling social responsibility, and have participated in epidemic assistance and other activities for many times to strengthen corporate society sense of responsibility.


Sense of social responsibility

Silike always firmly believes that integrity is the bottom line of morality, the basis of law-abiding, the rules of social interaction, and the premise of harmony. We always take the strengthening of the awareness of integrity as the prerequisite for corporate development, operating with integrity, developing with integrity, treating people with integrity, promoting integrity as a corporate culture to build a harmonious society.

Everyone is important

We always practice the "people-oriented" principle, increase the development and utilization of human resources while developing the company, increase the introduction, reserve and training of key core talents, provide opportunities and platforms for employee growth, and provide a good competitive environment for employee development, To promote the common growth of employees and the company, and adapt to the development of the social era.